♥ Lauren Ann McCarthy - creative director

After 13 years in the creative industry as a graphic designer, Lauren decided to take a big break from the corporate world, pack a small backpack and travel the world. On this journey, she rediscovered what her true strengths, passions and beliefs were. Once back in beautiful Cape Town, My Green Love Affair was born, showcasing her strong organisational skills, her passion for being creative in all areas of design and her love for nature and giving back wherever possible.

“It's my dream career... combining the three things I love and being able to do it every day with complete fulfillment. Getting to create jobs and encourage skills development has been the most incredible part. As fantastic as it is seeing our clients reactions to our work - the most rewarding part of it all is we sleep well at night knowing we are doing what we love for all the right reasons"





♥ Jenna McCarthy - décor design & sourcing

Our ethos to reduce, reuse & recycle, motivates and inspires me to design and create exclusive items for My Green Love Affair, with the help of amazingly talented local artists who work using recycled wood, wire and metal. These artists are all self employed, and appreciation of their work and talent is shown each time a bride chooses an item to be used on her wedding day. This is an extremely satisfying aspect of what I do.

“It’s incredibly inspiring to take a simple drawing to one of the many talented individuals selling their crafts on the roadside, and see their interpretation come to life. How rewarding to rather inspire & create jobs for the people right here on our doorsteps and give them the outlet to show their talent and be appreciated, than contribute to the large carbon footprint in bringing in imported, mass-produced, often unoriginal décor”